Teacher Simon (Kids&Adults)

Professional English Teacher from Perth, Australia

  • Over 14 years of Experience
  • Fully qualified with a B.ed + TESOL
  • Experienced IELTS Speaking Teacher
  • Experienced Teenagers/Adults Teacher

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Simon and I am an English teacher from Australia. I have been teaching English to adults from all over the world for the past 14 years. I enjoy travelling the world and learning about culture. Teaching is my passion and hobby, so I am super lucky to have a job in education.

Me as a Teacher

I am reliable and very dedicated to developing fluency in speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. I am open minded and tolerant of all customs, values and traditions. In addition, I am patient and polite and do not mind working through things in a caring encouraging way with students.

My lessons & teaching style

My lessons are always lively, filled with enjoyable activities and most importantly my lessons are beneficial to my students. I use various teaching methodologies, pictures and flashcards to accomplish the desired goal. During a lesson, I focus on you and your abilities. I always create material suited towards my students interest and abilities, therefor ensuring that the student will benefit as much as possible from my teaching.

My teaching material

  • PDF file
  • Text Documents
  • Presentation slides/PPT
  • Articles and news
  • Image files
  • Flashcards
  • Test templates and examples
  • Quizzes
  • Homework Assignments
  • Video files
  • Graphs and charts
  • Audio files


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Simon Rojas


Seckin, Turkey – January 2022

”Mr. Simon is my favorite tutor. His teaching style is memorable. He is energetic and smiling. You should definitely attend one of his classes. Thank you for all your help Mr. Simon (you are the best)”

Setenay, Turkey – December 2021

”Simon is great tutor, always prepared for your lesson and patient while listening to you. He’s using his time effectively. In addition, he’s admirable with his intellectual knowledge.”

Madel, Mainland China – August 2021

”He is a very very special teacher,because he is patient enough to listen to us.Even though we can’t express ourselves very well,he can try his best to understand.There’s nothing to worry about when we’re talking to him!What’s more,he is always trying to encourage us!Just choose him!”

Maryam Burhmah, Kuwait – June 2021

”an excellent Teacher and a dialogue with him who does not get bored, and fun in explaining the lesson, the time ends quickly, each class teaches something different from the other, I advise students to take with him he has a conscience, until now I have not found a teacher like him.”

Irem,Turkey – May 2021

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